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A new way of communicating data.

As a new way of communicating data between two locations, this technology uses light pulses held in tiny glass tubes to send data back and forth, unlike traditional copper cables used in ADSL and other internet types.

What this means for your home is a connection that is far more reliable than traditional internet, as well as a lot more powerful. This is good news for any one that requires the barest minimum of downtime in order to continue with what they love.

How does this internet technology work, and why does your home need a fibre connection?


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Fibre internet offers a fast and reliable connection that has plenty of benefits.

Why go for Fibre Internet?

With so many benefits offered by this innovative, powerful connectivity solution, the real question you should be asking is why you would not need fibre internet. Top features that add value to your day to day operations include the following:

Reliable Connection

Our fibre network and data centre is powered by battery backup and an automatic generator, which ensures round the clock power even in the event of load shedding or power outages. This means that businesses that have backup systems in place will never have to be offline.

Upload speeds

Generally, upload speeds on a Fibre network is much higher than the ADSL counterpart. The fastest upload that you can currently get on traditional ADSL is 2Mbps. Our Fibre to the home is much higher than that on the lowest package already! Perfect for uploading that Youtube video or streaming on TwitchTV!

Open Peering

Thanks to our open peering policy with ISPs across South Africa, and private IP addresses as well as ASN numbers, we are able to peer at various locations across the country to get you the quickest, simplest route to the internet at all times.

Guaranteed SLA

Our fibre packages are dedicated with an SLA uptime of 99.5%. guaranteed.


Our FTTH comes with the option of Migrating your phone line to us, and for a small fee, use your Fibre line for phone calls rather than relying on Telkom.

24/7 Support

We offer a 24/7 support ticketing system, where all available staff will attend to any issues or requests.

Fibre to the home Internet Pricing Plans

All FTTH prices are Month to Month!
Installation fees are R1500 ex vat once off!
FTTB prices are EX vat.

FTTH - Uncapped
            • 10Mbps – Uncapped
            • R579.00 PM
            • 10Mbps Download / 5Mbps Upload
            • Uncapped Data
            • Month to Month
            • 1 static IP
            • Free Router
            • 20Mbps – Uncapped
            • R799.00 PM
            • 20Mbps Download/ 5Mbps Upload
            • Uncapped
            • Month to Month
            • 1 static IP
            • Free Router
            • 100Mbps – Uncapped
            • R999.00 PM
            • 100Mbps Download/ 25Mbps Upload
            • Uncapped Data
            • Month to Month
            • 1 static IP
            • Free Router
FTTB - Uncapped
                • 10Mbps – Uncapped
                • R1999.00 PM
                • 10Mbps Download / 10Mbps Upload
                • Uncapped Data
                • 12 Month Contract
                • 1 static IP
                • Free Router
                • 50Mbps – Uncapped
                • R4999.00 PM
                • 50Mbps Download/ 50Mbps Upload
                • Uncapped
                • 12 Month Contract
                • 1 static IP
                • Free Router
                • 100Mbps – Uncapped
                • R7500.00 PM
                • 100Mbps Download/ 100Mbps Upload
                • Uncapped Data
                • 12 Month Contract
                • 1 static IP
                • Free Router

Fibre Coverage

To get our fibre, you would need to be located within the coverage area. Currently we cover the following with our FTTH:


Fibre Internet FAQ

Keen to find out more about how fibre connections work? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions relating to this incredible connectivity technology.

Is this connection unshaped?

Yes. The connection is unshaped. We don’t throttle you, only your contention ratio counts here

Contention ratio? What is that?

Simply put, this is the amount of times that an ISP shares the same amount of data with other clients. Typically, our contention ratio is 10:1 for FTTH products

Is the connection faster than traditional ADSL?

With entry level packages starting at 20Mbps for fibre, compared to ADSL starter packages starting at 4Mpbs, you can certainly say that fibre is must faster than traditional internet types.

Do I need Line of Sight?

Provided that you fall within our fibre coverage area, you do not need Line of Sight. Our coverage area is expanding every day to bring this modern marvel to more businesses than ever before.

Will weather affect my connection?

As there is still a physical cable connecting your line, weather does not affect connection at all.

Can I host servers on this connection?

Yup – you most certainly can host your own servers.

What about torrents and Peer2Peer?

P2P and torrents are treated as best effort on the network during business hours.

How long does it take to be installed?

Typically, it takes anywhere from 14 to 90 days for installation, but this comes down to your location. If you are close to a Fibre Point of Presence, installation times are much quicker.

Can I upgrade to fibre from my current plan?

You can indeed upgrade to this super-speedy internet from your current plan – simply give us a call and we will get things rolling within two working days.

Will I need to buy my own router?

You will not need to buy anything to get started. We provide a fully managed service that includes a router along with everything else you will need. We also run the nat on our router as well as dhcp and any other services that you require.

Find out more about getting your business connected to fibre internet, and enjoy our dedicated, customer-focused approach that helps you each step of the way, from installation to customer care.

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